Wren and Cuff The Gold Comp Germanium Compressor/Pre-Amp

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Wren and Cuff The Gold Comp Germanium Compressor/Pre-Amp

When Wren and Cuff releases a pedal, it's safe to say that it's a winner. When they color it gold, that goes beyond "winning" and into the realm of "making a statement."

The new Wren and Cuff Gold Comp sets out to become the new gold standard of compression. It does this via two hand-tested, carefully curated germanium transistors, and the circuit acts as both a compressor and preamp.

The Gold Comp is super dynamic as well, most compressors pick one side of the great divide: should a compressor be an always-on tone enhancer or an as-needed squish machine? Wren and Cuff asks: Why not both?

Indeed, the Compression control scatters its seeds on both sides of the wall; roll it back for a slightly squishy toneful preamp, and crank it up for a visegrip compressor that would make Albert Lee blush.

Though the pedal also can function as a preamp, it stacks wonderfully with anything you'd want to throw at it, especially dirt pedals. The Gold Comp and dirt pedals seamlessly meld into one another and full articulation is the result.

Pick up a Gold Comp and you'll find out the reason that it's Wren and Cuff's first pedal with a gold finish.

• Dual germanium transistor preamp
• Goes from super subtle to ultra-squish
• True bypass operation
• Standard 9v center-negative operation