Wren and Cuff Tri Pie 70 Fuzz Pedal

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Wren and Cuff Tri Pie 70 Fuzz Pedal

The Wren and Cuff Tri Pie 70' is their version of the famous Big-Muff “triangle knob” fuzz from around 1970. What they’ve done is made what they consider the best sounding tri-knob replication you can find.

Compared to the modern-day BM, the Tri Pie 70' has less saturation, a bit less mid-scoop, and more snarl, while at the same time possessing a smoothness that sweetens things in a very musical way. It’s range is more useful, responds well to your guitar’s volume knob, and even gets into the overdrive zone at lower settings.

Here is one thing that sets the Wren and Cuff Tri-Pie 70’ apart from many of the other B-Muff recreations: Rather than chasing down magical part #’s and sexy looking transistors, they’ve blind-tested a plethora of different types and transistor combos to come up with what they believe to be the sweetest mix of high and lower gain transistors that will yield beautifully rich and complex saturation full of color, bloom and sustain. Contrary to popular belief, vintage “NOS” transistors aren’t that hard to find. Anyone that has a few good suppliers and is willing buy in bulk can get most silicon NOS transistors with a little homework. Problem is, the inconsistencies from muff to muff and gain variances between transistors with the same part numbers makes the search for the “right” transistors a bit pointless.

If you like the current EH muffs, but have found them to be harsh and brittle at times, or much more “buzzy” than you expected, then the Tri-Pie 70’ may be for you.

• True hard-wire bypass
• 9V battery or 2.1mm adapter
• Made in the USA
• Lifetime warranty